“Sunday Clothes” Digital Adult Coloring Pages/Printable Line Art Set


I know it’s been a while, I took a long break over Christmas but I haven’t been idle and today I’m sharing with you all a new project, one that I finished about 12pm last night.


I’ve been wanting to design coloring pages for a while and finally got around to it whilst sitting around over the holidays. I decided to go fro a turn of the century theme and draw some fashion elements from the period- in my head I saw a mix of Pollyanna, Anne of Green Gables and Hello Dolly.


I ended up designing three coloring patterns. This is Ribbons:




And Hats


I also did a page of extra graphics, as I wanted the colouring set to have lots of images and plenty of options for people, because I thought that other than simply coloring the pages, they could be used in scrapbooking, journalling, mixed media and lots of other creative projects as well. And the best part is that because they are digital files, they can be downloaded as many times as people want.

The full set is available of my etsy, more info here:


I have the individual pages available separately as well:



So that my first project of 2016. . . now onto the next:)

Hope you’re all having a creative week!



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