November ScrawlrBox Unboxing and the Scrawlr Challenge

A few days ago I received my first art supply subscription box in the mail! Allow me to introduce you to “Scrawlr Box”


Scrawlr box is based in the UK and comes in a box like this to your front door every month, filled with mystery art supplies. Here is this month’s set of goodies.


As you probably have guessed already I got Chameleon Color Tone Pens!!! I was so excited to unwrap these. They have been on my wishlist for ages now and it was so fun to try them out. The box contained:

Four Pens:

  • Summer Sun
  • Crimson Red
  • Bisque
  • The double ended (which I think is a great idea) detail pen – a black fine liner

Plus a postcard of this month’s featured artist (Vince Okerman) , a fireball candy, sticker (which I stuck onto the back of my door), a test card full of little fire/men/heads (it’s the drawing which looks a little like Anger from “Inside Out”) and lots of information and instructions on how to use these pens.

I wont go into too much detail here on how to blend with these and my thoughts, as I covered all that in my you tube video but needless to say they certainly lived up to my expectations!

fireball wip

After playing around with my new toys and colouring in the little fire balls/heads for a while, I decided that I felt confident enough to try my #scrawlrchallenge. This month’s key word was “Fireball” – shocking huh:) – and the challenge was to only use the pens in the box.


Here is my finished effort. The first person I showed it to said it looked more like a dahlia but oh well . .  I’m still calling it a fireball 🙂

Watch the full unboxing video here on my you tube:

More infomation about Scrawlr Box:

More infomation about the markers:

Have a creative day!

Ma’at Silk






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