The Wishing Bag – Spring – Number Three – Interview with La Nostalgie France – Handmade Jewellery

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Spring is on the wind so I went to see La Nostalgie 


French Pastry Pin Brooch by La Nostagie

Lovers walk along the river banks. Museums full of treasures. Painted pictures and silent marbles. Little restaurants in the sun. Red and white table cloths. Croissants and coffee. Red wine and rich meals. Luscious and delicious. Artists on street corners. Paints and brushes. Colours splashing on the easels. The towering Eiffel tower. Seeing the world through rose tinted glasses. The last time I saw Paris.

This really does sum up what most of us see when we think of Paris. That shimmering city of romance, food and culture. Have we been over-influenced by starry movies and rhyming songs? Of course we have. However it’s not completely unrealistic. I have been to Paris a couple of times and even in the grey light of a cloudy rainy day, that city still has a magical allure that’s hard to find anywhere else (accept Venice but that’s another story). Even for those of you who have never been there, you will all have a picture of Paris in your head. That must be part of the city’s magic stretching out to touch people across the world. The little pin brooch above brought back all my memoires of Paris and for a few moments I walked along the Seine once more. .  . This first image I have chosen as the main image, sums up everything I love about this week’s featured shop. It’s a useful and wearable piece of art. It’s very well made and the detail is incredible, everything is there down to the raisins in the current roll, the puffy sides of the pastry and tiny rising lines on the croissant. But perhaps most importantly it brings back memories and nostalgia.

We’ve reached the half way point of this series and for shop number three I want to introduce one of my all time favourites from etsy and probably the most delicious looking shop you’ll ever come across: La Nostalgie. La Nostalgie opened in early 2013 and sells a variety of jewellery, all created by hand by polymer clay. Most of the jewellery designs are fashioned as miniature realistic looking food. It’s owner Mariana spends hours carefully designing and crafting each piece of jewellery, using considerable skill and a very fine eye for detail to create each unique piece. Looking round La Nostalgie, you could be forgiven not only for feeling hungry (her food is very realistic looking) but also feeling that you’ve steeped into a dolls house size restaurant. Where else can you buy a pair of sandwich earrings to wear at lunch time, a French pastry charm bracelet for Sunday mornings, and lollipop pendant for those days when you need that extra sugar rush?

Cooking is one of my favourite past times. There are very few things as rewarding as popping into the kitchen to make a loaf of bread or a batch of cinnamon buns. Last year I purchase a set of Juila Child’s cook books and have been slowly trying out the recipes. I can recommend cooking the orange mousse  and the stuffed mushrooms. However I have yet to try making croissants. That I think would be the ultimate challenge. . . Anyway food. Glorious food. I used to fill pages of my scarp book with collages of food pictures that I had cut out of magazines. Another thing I have always been attracted too are miniatures, so when I first saw La Nostalgie it was love at first sight. Miniature food jewellery. Could I ask for anything more? No not really. Well only more money so I could buy everything. I am bit like a small child in a toy shop when I look at La Nostalgie 🙂 Anyway I did buy a French pastry charm bracelet and it’s one of the few pieces of jewellery that I wear again and again and again. If you know a food lover or are one yourself, go and look through La Nostalgie. If on the off chance you’re not a food lover (I have not met anyone who does not love food not but I guess there are some people like that) Mariana also does custom orders and can make any little objects. In other words: Bon appetit!

In Spain we don’t really have the four normal seasons. Just a long dry summer and a wet (and slightly colder) period. Most of the trees are evergreens and the ones that do lose their leaves, do so in the summer when they are shrivelled into dust by the sun.  Spring lasts about a month, just after the rain and before the hot sun. It’s beautiful. Hillsides covered in wild flowers, sunny barmy picnic weather, bees, sweet fragrance. As the wild flowers are beginning to appear, I decided to celebrate my favourite time and do another round of handmade shops.  Everyone has their own way of viewing their art, colours and feelings on Spring, so I look forward to all the different answers.  Lets see what Mariana says!

Interview with Mariana,


Strawberry Cake Charm Bracelet by La Nostalgie

What led you to making miniature food and jewellery?

Dollhouse miniatures and art has been my fascination at an early age. Fashion is my passion. Being in France which is mostly known for gourmet food, I wanted to express the beauty of food art through my jewelry design. Ever since I realized how positive my jewelry have made women feel when they wear them. It gives me great joy to be able to share my passion with women from all around the world.


The Great Bakers Necklace by La Nostalgie

What’s your favourite or most rewarding part of your process?

The creative process is my favorite process from designing, sculpting, painting and completing the finishings of my creation. The most rewarding part of the process is when the final outcome turns out better than what was initially visualized


Cupcake Earrings by La Nostalgie



My jewelry collection is very much inspired by the beauty of the French culture, romantic notions of love and nostalgia that it conjures. From art, music, food, taste, photography, trends, textiles, films and sights.




Sandwich Earings by La Nostalgie


Are colours important to your work? If so which are the ones you use most and why? 

Yes, colours are very important in my work. Currently, red and white are the ones that i use the most. Red is a color of love and audacity while white represents simplicity and modernity.



Pizza Dangle Earrings by La Nostalgie


Do you have a favourite product in your shop?

Yes, one of my favorite product is my sushi charmbracelet. It is appetizingly adorable and one of a kind to wear especially if you are a charmbracelet lover.



Sushi Bracelet by La Nostagie

What do you like best about Spring?

What I love most about Spring is there is more daylight. Hence it is wonderful wearing lighter clothes and going outside just feeling the light breeze. It is also a season of rejuvenation and renewal where flowers and fruits blossom.

Thank you Mariana from La Nostalgie 

That’s it for the third in this series! Don’t forget to check out the Shop  and Blog. 

Check back next Saturday for the next shop in this series. Just three more left to go! As a “spring child” I love this time of year and I look forward to sharing the rest of the shops with you all.

Have a creative day!




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