The Land of Egypt

Across the winds of time, flying with the sand from distant deserts, voices from long forgotten tombs . . .  In other words here is the start to an Egyptian collection.





“The Land of Egypt”

I was inspired by browsing through a couple of design books and although I have designed a similar pattern for my Egyptian scarves, I thought it would be fun to creative other ancient Egyptian inspired designs for a range of paper goods. So here’s the first I worked on, called “The Land of Egypt.”




It’s a 20x20cm watercolour painting. I used several of my favourite Egyptian motifs in the painting, including papyrus, lotus flowers and feathers. The colours represent the brown and dusty desert, the bright sun, the green fertile flood plains, the royal red is for the Pharaohs and the afterlife is a cool and mystic purple.

I think this is one of my favourite paintings I’ve done to date. The original is available to buy in my Etsy shop (I can look into prints upon request).

Have a creative day!






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