Happy New Year!


Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had a great festival season (and am not too worse for wear this morning 🙂  I been thinking about the New Year and I thought I’d start 2015 off with a plan of some sort. So here’s goes.

1. I will be continuing to update my blog once a week (on Saturday) and post a round up of the artwork and projects I’ve been working on.

2. As some of you may know I recently set up a Instagram account and Facebook page for Ma’at Silk.  These will be updated more often than the blog and I like using Instagram the most, so that likely to become my main social media outlet. Also I will be hosting art auctions via my Instagram. I know that lots of you don’t have an account and so that no one gets left out, I’ll post a couple of auctions here too.



3. Among the new products that I will be hopefully making during 2015, are ranges of original pattern artwork. I have some fun themes in mind, including making patterns using inspiration and objects from films and books. Any suggestions welcome here:)

4. Finally for those of you that asked, I am once again open for commissions and I do trade ACEOs or other original art, so feel free to contact me or comment if you want to trade – I do reserve the right to refuse as I only want to trade for work I really like but my tastes are very broad.

Hope everyone has a creative day!





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