Packaging – Behind the Scenes at Ma’at Silk

This is another behind the scenes  post. As the title says it’s about packaging. Woking on my packaging has been a constant learning process and now I can hopefully say that I have reached a point where it looks good and I am happy. Well before I opened my Etsy shop I worked for about a week at designing my yellow logo – it just had to be yellow by the way. As most of my work is about colour, it made sense that my main colour should be bright and sunny.

Earlier this year I had these round stickers printed with my logo on. I think they add a great touch to the packaging. I always wrap all products in ribbon and tissue paper, as I know myself how nice it is to receive wrapped packages in the mail.

Maat Silk Packaging Group


Here are some pictures of the packaging for different products.

Silk Scarf Packaging – Box and narrative Card

Silk Painting in Box

ACEO wrapped and ready to send

Pin Cushion ready to go

Have a creative day!






3 thoughts on “Packaging – Behind the Scenes at Ma’at Silk

  1. flahertynaturals says:

    Your packaging is as lovely as your little works of art 🙂 I also wanted to let you know I received The Herb Garden hand painting and my wonderful pin cushion and LOVE them. I’ll send you some pictures once I get The Herb Garden framed 🙂 Thank you once again for your wonderful painting, I simply adore it 🙂
    Best wishes to you and your lovely Etsy shop and I hope you have a joyous Holiday Season.

  2. Joy says:

    Packaging has given me fits, but you sure have it made! I love your logo and the different ways you make your packaging so pretty. I sure am impressed!!!

    • MaatSilk says:

      Thank you Joy! Packing gave me fits at first too but I really enjoy it now:) Once you work out a system and have all the stickers etc, its really easy from them on.

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