How to Commission Your Own One-Of-A-Kind Silk Scarf from Ma’at Silk

Maat Silk Behind the Scenes

Maat Silk Behind the Scenes

I thought it was about time to have this post. You have all heard me often say that I can do custom this or custom colours for that and so I decided that a post on exactly how the process for a silk scarf works, would be a good idea.

A custom scarf is  a really extra special present, as each scarf I create is a one off and I never repeat the design, so your order would be the only one in existence. If you have a  special birthday or anniversary to buy for and are stuck for ideas. A one-of-a-kind custom scarf designed just for you might be perfect? I am really happy to create a custom order and I offer one-to-one service and personal tailoring to suit your needs.

Here is an outline of the custom order process.

NOTE: If the below sounds complicated and lengthy or you’re not sure what to choose then that’s no problem either. I can easily design a unique abstract piece with hardly any (or no) design input from you .

1. Contact me with your requirements. Tell me what size scarf you had in mind and a little bit about who it’s for, any colours, themes or motifs you had in mind. If it’s a gift then the recipients favourite colours are a good idea, plus (for the ultimate customised gift) any hobbies or interest  she (or he) may have or a favourite objects or image, e.g butterflies, flowers, sea shells, autumn, summer, ancient Greece, cooking, roses etc. You can give as much or as little information as you like. One thing to note however is that all my designs are patterns and I can’t included animals or people. 

For example, I recently did a commission for a lady who was an avid gardener and had a beautiful garden. I was supplied with a few photographs of her garden, and I designed a patterned scarf using four different types of flowers, a stone archway and several pot shapes.

2. Once I’ve received your request, I’ll be back in touch to discuss the ideas, adding any suggestions of my own (especially in matching colours). Once we’ve finalised the concept, I’ll start work on some sketches and will be back to you with a couple of designs for approval. At this stage I will need a small deposit before I start working on the sketches.

3. Once you’ve approved the designs, I’ll make up the scarf and then send it, either to you or if you want direct to the recipient. The scarf comes wrapped in tissue paper and presents in a gift box.  

Available sizes:

90x90cm   = 125£
180×45 cm   = 125
45x45cm   = 75
23x23cm   = 45

You should allow 3-4 weeks for the whole process. If you need it sooner, contact me and I’ll see what can be done.

Prices range depending on the detail of the designs, the prices quoted above are for a completely original design and colours. Prices may be less if you only want different colours or small changes to a design I’ve already have (see Gallery for these).Shipping is not included and will be extra. Payment can be made direct to me via PayPall or via my Etsy shop. 

Next week I’ll post some pictures of some of the commissions I have worked on in the past.

Have a creative day!




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