Week Twelve – Plate Twelve – “Midnight” – Hand Painted Decorative Plate by Ma’at Silk

And here is (drum roll please) the last plate! This one is called  “Midnight” – not because it was the time when I finished painting it, although it was getting late, but because midnight is 12 o’clock and this is the twelfth plate.  I have chosen shades of blue and brown for this last plate and the pattern is floral/ abstract.

I can’t believe I’ve done all twelve! For weeks they have been laid out across the living room seats, slowing growing in number.Now they’ve all gone to their new home.  The restaurant is very happy with their plates and they look great on the tables – even if I do say so myself. We are talking at the moment about doing another four, I’ll post more when it’s decided.

Next week I’ll be posting a special post on Friday as it’s one year since I open Ma’at Silk!

Maat Silk Plate

Maat Silk Plate

Maat Silk Plate

Have a creative day!




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