Week Six – Plate Six – “Vines” – Hand Painted Decorative Plate by Ma’at Silk.

Officially half way there! Six weeks have flown by. Last week’s plate was inspired by figs and following the same theme, this week’s plate is all about grapes. Like the fig tree, we have vines growing in the garden and this year has been a bumper crop. Hundreds of eating grapes, ripening and growing large and juicy in the sun and they taste great too. I’ve chosen red/pink colours not because our grapes are red (they are green in fact) but because of the dark red wine they make locally.

Maat Silk Plate

Maat Silk Plate

Maat Silk Plate

It took me about two and a half hours to paint and had two separate drying stages, plus a baking session in the oven – which makes it microwave safe, however it’s not officially food safe but as it’s only going to be used as a decorative plate that does not matter.

The photos were taken quickly in my studio and so are not the highest quality, but give a good idea of what the plate looks like.

That’s 6 down and 6 more plates to go!

Have a creative day!





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