Big News! Large Hand Painted Plates Commission – Ma’at Silk

Here at last is the big news. I have been commissioned to design and paint a set of decorative plates for a local restaurant, to celebrate their tenth anniversary this summer. Each plate needs to be different pattern and colours – at the moment they want 12 but might want to expand later on. Plus I have complete design freedom, they love all the patterns I design and want the plate designs to be along the same lines. An artist’s dream! As you may all image this was very exciting and a little scary, as I had never hand-painted on ceramics before. . . . In the last few weeks I have been practicing and trying out lots of different ways of working. Now I have a system set up  and during the next twelve weeks I’ll be posting pictures here, of each new plate. This also means that I’ll have to let the “summer shops” series slide for the moment.

Maat Silk - Hand Painted Plate

Maat Silk Hand Painted Plate

Maat Silk Plate

Maat Silk Plate

Maat Silk PLate


Here are some pictures of my test plates. As you can see I was playing around with borders and full body designs, the restaurant wants just the borders of the plates painted, but I thought for these tests, I might as well go the whole way.








The photos were taken quickly in my studio and so are not the highest quality, but give a good idea of what they look like.

Next week I’ll post the first commissioned plate design.

Have a creative day!




8 thoughts on “Big News! Large Hand Painted Plates Commission – Ma’at Silk

    • MaatSilk says:

      I am very excited and really enjoy designing and painting on ceramics.
      The restaurant is very local to where I live and I know the owners. So they knew and had seen some of my artwork already, and then asked me if I would like to design them some plates.

    • MaatSilk says:

      I love the full painted plates too but they want to put the plates on the restaurant tables and then have a napkin in the centre of each one, so a just having a border will look better.

  1. flahertynaturals says:

    I’m so excited for you!!! The plates are beautiful….the one’s with just borders are fine, but I’d make the full painted ones to 🙂 They’ll love them and probably buy them too. Hope you will think about offering some of them on Etsy also, I think they’ll sell really well.
    Best to you in your new venture 🙂

    • MaatSilk says:

      Thank you!
      I’ve been designing the border patterns and they are turning out great, so I think they’ll look just as good at the full pattern plates. I’ve showed some of my designs to the restaurant and they love the way it’s going. I’ll post the first plate I paint for them next week.
      I have also thought about listing some plates on Etsy but the shipping would be very expensive, so I’ll have to think about how to ship them and everything. Maybe something small would work better than the big plates???

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