Book Plates for the Book Worm – Ma’at Silk

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It’s hot and sunny over here.  Perfect weather for curling up in a shady corner, or stretched out in sun with a good book. I am a book-worm, yes I confess it of my own free will, I always have and always will be one. I havent have too much times to read over the last few years, what with one thing and another but I do have left over from my book buying wild childhood, over three hundred books and three dangerously sagging book shelves. You might guess that I never bought clothes or jewelry or sweets, just books. Even now books shops lure me in and I spend hours in between the shelves, looking and I leave usually with no money but an armful of books. Anyway these new book-plates I designed have been on my to do list ever since I opened my shop.  I spent a while re-designing the pattern untill I came up with something I was happy with. I used to read sitting under a tree (the last Potter book was read that way) and so trees came into and took over this design.

Book Plates by Maat Silk

They each measure7.5×10.1 cm each and come in a pack of 15, five of each colour. They are printed onto sticker paper so all you have to do is peel of the pack and stick straight into the front of your book.

Book Plates close up by Maat Silk

My favorite are the brown and red colours. They remind me of autumn leaves. Which one do you like best?

Have a creative day!




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