Discovering ACEOs – Working with drawing Inks – Miniature Works of Art – New Work

Today I wanted to share these (newish) listings. Because of the Spring Shops series, I’ve fallen behind with posting my latest work, so for the moment I’ll be catching up. As mentioned a while ago, I’ve discovered drawing inks. Since buying a set I have gone rather crazy with painting drawing upon drawing of patterns. I love them for three reasons:

1. I can apply them with a paint brush

2. They are waterproof and spread like silk paint.

3. The colours are fantastic! Strong and vibrant.

Anyway. This is what I got up too!

Ink Drawings, Cards and ACEOs – Ma’at Silk


I painted a range of greeting cards and ACEOs, I am working at the moment on larger originals and prints.

If you had asked me a couple of months ago “What is an ACEO?” – apart from thinking it might be some charity or company I would not have be able to answer. I discovered them on Etsy and liked the idea so much that I produced a range of my own. ACEO or Artist Trading Cards. ACEO stands for “Art – Cards – Editions – Originals”. They are tiny works of art, the size of a trading or baseball card. They always measure 2.5×3.5 inches. They can be framed or arranged in an album. They are perfect way to collect art and make great gifts. I own two myself and hope to expand my collection in the years to come.  Happily they are affordable, even for me and so make a perfect treat for myself when I have a little extra to spare.

Here are a few I’ve done myself:

Original ACEO. “Primavera” – Ma’at Silk

Original ACEO. “Tatti” – Ma’at Silk

Original ACEO. “My Fair Lady” – Ma’at Silk

Original ACEO. “Magnolia” – Ma’at Silk

Original ACEO. “Secret Garden” – Ma’at Silk

In this picture you can see the size, they are very small. Below is an ACEO all wrapped up in tissue paper, ribbon and ready to go. I ship them with a cardboard support so they do not bend in the mail.

Packaging for ACEO – Ma’at Silk

I’ll post the rest of my range another day. Which of these do you like best?

Have a creative day!




4 thoughts on “Discovering ACEOs – Working with drawing Inks – Miniature Works of Art – New Work

  1. Marilyn Mastine says:

    Hi Maisie-Thanks for telling me what ACEOs are I didn’t know either.They are a great idea.I want to start a collection-I like the Secret Garden best of all.

    • MaatSilk says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      I agree they are a great idea, but be warned when starting a collection. It’s very addicting 🙂 I can’t wait to add more to mine. Another great way to collect ACEOs is to trade for them. I’ve got several in my collection that way. – The colours in the “Secret Garden” are one of my favourites. Thank you!

  2. Vicki says:

    Great idea and I love all your work so far. Sadly, I must refrain from going nuts in your shop until after we complete this cross-country move!

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