New Shop Listing – Writing Paper Set – Ma’at Silk

Dear . . . .

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything new to my shop. I have a notebook full of ideas and so I decided that I’d better get down to it. This has been live in my shop for about a week.  I drew and coloured the design digitally and then printed them out onto this lovely cream, water marked paper.  I chose the cream colour paper because I personally prefer it to white and it sets of the colours really well. I am selling a set of 15 sheets of paper with 8 matching envelopes.

For some reason it took me ages and ages to photograph them. I ended up with hundred of photos and had to cut it down to these five. You can see me trying (and probably failing) to be artistic in the last blue photo. The flowers came from the garden.

I know that with emails, all the social websites and instant messaging, letter writing might seem to be an outdated craft, something no one really does any more but I don’t think it will stay like that. I may just be being hopeful because I’m selling this set but there is nothing like receiving a lovely hand written letter in the mail, on beautiful paper. As a letter writer myself I can confirm this.

Letter Writing Set – Ma’at Silk

Close up – Ma’at Silk

Full Set of Colours – Ma’at Silk

Letter Writing Set Close Up – Ma’at Silk

Blue Paper Close up – Ma’at Silk

I know this is an unusually short post for me. To tell the truth, I’ve been taking a rest from the Spring series and somehow I manged to get a earache (a bad one) and a cold in a row, so things have slowed done a bit. I’ve been doing some trading on Etsy in the last couple of months, so over the next month I’ll write a post on that and  show some of the items I’ve traded for. I’ll also be doing a post on outside manufactures and my submission for the Rijks Studio Award. I have lots of new product ideas, so I’ll be sharing those as well.

Hope you are all having lovely weather and Have a creative day




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