The Wishing Bag – Spring – Number Four – Interview with Isabella by Margriet – Artist

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Spring is in the air and so I went to see IsaBellabyMargriet

Little Street, A4 Art Print, fairytale inspired houses,watercolor illustration, wall decoration, nursery art by IsaBellabyMargriet

Three little house sitting side by side. Curly iron railings, tall elegant windows, coloured with soft hues and in the middle: a tall turret. They are houses out of a fairy tale.

The princess disguises herself as a humble maid, concealing her rich clothes with a rustic cloak of brown. She wanders down from the castle, gates swinging shut behind her. Her footsteps are light. Her brow smooth and unlined. Hands soft. The little village nestles at the foot of the hill. Church bells chime and she watches the village folk coming back from a day’s work in the fields. Singing songs of life.

Finding stories to go with drawings is something I find myself doing without thinking – hence I suppose the narratives that go with each one of the silk scarves. Just looking at a piece can give me a mood, a feeling, a time, a place. I think it must follow that the more detailed a drawing is, the more stories it can tell and that’s what I love about these houses. They could be a part of hundreds of stories, across hundreds of years. Imagine for a moment if a real house could talk? Think of all the memories it must have.  An old house, silent and motionless, the memories floating in the air, clinging to the bricks, the faded wall paper and the slowly rusting window sills.  I get carried away easily .

IsaBellabyMargriet opened December 2012 and its owner and designer, Margriet comes from the Netherlands. Her shop is full of her art work, as prints, gift tags, notebooks, badges and many more. Theres’ something for eveyone. For a moment it’s hard to put my finger of the right words to describe the shop, unlike so many others that I love it’s not all about the colours. Colours have a way of drawing me in, like a little child. But here it’s different. While there is colour in Margriet’s art it’s softer, subtler and much more graceful. I like the clean look and the hand drawn feel. Her art could be something out of a story; yet nothing is unreal. For me it is both modern and old-fashioned. A blend and fusion between the too. Half way between then and now. That’s what I think I love best. And I will admit I am very tempted by the notebooks.  . . .

In Spain we don’t really have the four normal seasons. Just a long dry summer and a wet (and slighty colder) period. Most of the trees are evergreens and the ones that do lose their leaves, do so in the summer when they are shriveled into dust by the sun.  Spring lasts about a month, just after the rain and before the hot sun. It’s beautiful. Hillsides covered in wild flowers, sunny barmy picnic weather, bees, sweet fragrance. Even though it’s at least several weeks till Spring, I decided to celebrate my favorite time of year with a series of shops.  Everyone has their own way of viewing their art, colours and feelings on Spring, so I look forward to all the different answers.  Lets see what Margriet says!

Interview with Margriet

Bella Fiore nr.1, 7×5 inch (18×13 cm)Art Print, Red, Orange and Fuchsia, Ink and Marker, Flower Pen Illustration

What led you to drawing and your art?

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been drawing and making stuff with my hands. Illustrating makes me happy. And I hope my illustrations will make you happy too!
After finishing high school I went to fashion school. I learned a lot, but the world of fashion just didn’t do it for me. In 2011 I started art school (ArtEZ Arnhem), the teacher-training program for Visual Arts and Design. Bliss! All the confidence I lacked in fashion school I got back in spades. Halfway through the first year I got pregnant with my daughter Isa. After she was born (November 2012) I decided that there was no practical way to finish the program, so it seemed like an excellent time to set up shop on my own. That’s how IsaBella was ‘conceived’.







Notebook Illustrated Houses, 3 dessins, Lined paper, Fairytale inspired illustration, Jotter, Journal, Handstitched

What’s your favourite or most rewarding part of your process?

Aquarel is my favorite medium. Not knowing what the colors and the water will do when they’re laid down on the paper. Combining the unexpected results with graphic lines and a whole new world is created!






Art Button, Blue Pebbles, Pinback Button, pinned to a display card, Badge, Pin, Plastic Brooche by IsaBellabyMargriet


Scandinavian folk art is one of my inspirations. They led have led to my illustrations of fish, birds and flowers. I came up with my ‘cottages’, as I like to call them, after I designed Isa’s birth announcement. A house, to me, means a secluded, safe place. People often think of Anton Pieck (a Dutch artist) when they see my work, a very big compliment indeed! It’s not that I could or would imitate his style, but the fact that people get the same vibe from my work is just great. I must be doing something right!”



Postcard Fish Shoal, Illustrated, Aquarel and Ink, Multi Color, Greeting Card, Colorful Card, Summer Greetings by IsaBellabyMargriet


Are colours important to your work? If so which are the ones you use most and why?

Yes, they are! Sometimes I try to use less colour. But most of the time it’s a mix of a whole range of colours. Colorful means happiness to me;).. I love indigo, pinks, ochre, greens, hmm.. I guess I use them all!





Do you have a favourite product in your shop?

Well, I’ve got a lot of faves, but Amorfortia in the Snow has it all: it’s like a little fary tale in one art print.(Amorfortia is the old name for the city I’m living in, Amersfoort, a city with a well-preserved and protected medieval centre.)

NEW, 40×30 Art Print, Amorfortia in the Snow, A3, Aquarel, Ink and Gouache, City in the snow, Winter Landscape, Medieval Winter Print

What do you like best about Spring?

The black birds in the morning! Their song is so wonderful!

Thank you Margriet from IsaBellabyMargriet!

That’s it for the second in this series.  Don’t forget to check out the Shop and you can also find IsaBellabyMargriet on Facebook.

Check back next Saturday for the next shop in this series!

Have a creative day!




6 thoughts on “The Wishing Bag – Spring – Number Four – Interview with Isabella by Margriet – Artist

  1. Joy says:

    I am amazed at the beautiful work you produced using just ink and markers! That is so inspiring for doodlers like me. I can see why you favor Amorfortia in the Snow, it has a mystical quality about it. Lovely, lovely art. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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