Who doesn’t love a GIVEAWAY?

Hi everyone.
Here is a special Handmade Team Post written by team captain Stacey. The team has reached 1500 members! So to celebrate they are having a giveaway. Read more to find out how to enter!

SMARTdesigns by Stacey

Last night The All Handmade By ME Team reached a special milestone… only four and a half months since the birth of The All Handmade By ME Team, we have reached… drumroll please… 1500 Facebook Fans!!

1500 Fans Image

As this milestone grew closer, I started talking with a couple of the team leaders about how excited we were. We decided that we wanted to do something special to celebrate. That was when Stephanie had the idea to host a giveaway for the team. Several of the team leaders have hosted our own giveaways in the past and it seemed like a good idea. The difference here was that The All Handmade By ME Team itself does not have a specific product for us to giveaway. So we settled on a gift card and a few of us got together and pulled our own meager savings to purchase an Etsy gift card to…

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