“The Ball” and “The Tea Party”- New Silk Scarves – Two blog features

Time for another post of silk scarves. I have now caught with all my 90×90 cm squares I have done to date (not including custom orders, which I hope to do a post on one day). Before I move to show you the scarves and their stories, I’d like to give a mention to two great blogs, who featured my work  recently. Both of them also have Etsy shops. Check them out if you have a moment!

KMHK Artistry 2

Ishje’s Bits

Thank you Kristi and Aisha for such great features.

Now on to the silk. When I design a pattern, like the one seen in these, I usually plan a set of three colour ways. I don’t know why but I like working on odd numbers. The narratives that go with them also fit well into three. Every story had a beginning middle and end after all. Each scarf is a limited edition and I only make five of them. It can get a little complicated and I have to keep careful track which number I’m on. I do sign and number each scarf so that helps. Sorry if you’ve read this before, I know I have a tendency to repeat my self, only for new readers, I think it’s important to have it here.

This series is called “High Society”

“The Ball” by Ma’at Silk



“There she walks. As pretty as a rose, up the stairs two at a time. Holding her dress and fan in white-gloved hands. The music is playing. The dancing has started. Swirling round and round. Who might be standing inside? Excitement mounting. Dreams waiting to be fulfilled. The doors open. In she goes.”






“The Tea Party” by Ma’at Silk



“Large hats, tea cups and saucers. The hostess moves with grace. In and out, weaving her way through. Polite remarks, witty ditty’s, always has the thing to say. What a lovely hat? How is your husband? Have you tried these? Says everything and nothing. Cakes and buns. Tea’s to be poured. She’ll be mother.”






Both are inspired by stories and social gatherings from a bygone age. The first is like the beautiful embroidered ball gowns worn hundreds of years ago. It is a wistful scene out of the past and more so out of a fairy-tale. No one can quite forget the magic, the dancing that went on forever, the gowns that dazzled and the music that rose to reach the sky. Every princess goes to one. After all no tale would quite be complete without it. The Ball.

The second is the patterned afternoon dresses worn by the heroines in romantic stories. It evokes an English garden party. The ritual of afternoon tea out on the lawn, complete with sponge cake and cucumber sandwiches. Matchmaking and whispering is rife.  It’s all very proper. On that sunny summer afternoon (the rain would of course not dare to show its face). Following would be a game of cricket. The Tea Party. 

I think both scarves owe a lot to my love of reading Jane Austen and watching to many Princess movies. Cinderella and Aura especially, but my favorite was always Ariel? I wonder if you can ever get too old for fairy tales. I hope not.

Have a creative day!



Images and Text © Maat Silk.

Feel free to share on Pinterest, but if you would like to use an image for anything else please contact me.


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