12 Shops for Christmas – Shop Twelve

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On the Twelfth day of Christmas I went to see: ShellyHeissDesigns.

Here is the last, but certainly not the least, shop in this Christmas Series!

Stained glass mosaic, mosaic art, mallards, ducks, birds, blue, green, cabin art

A duck couple are swimming in a pond. As one of them brings his bill up out of the water, drops fall back down, causing ripples to appear and spread out. Their shadows are reflected in the blue surface. In the background a grass-green bank, perhaps can just be seen.

The skill of the artist is evidenced in this piece (as in all the work below) by the wonderful attention to detail. The feathers on the girl duck are really lovely, the gentle shades of brown mixes with a soft gold and are arranged in a realistic fashion. Both ducks are very life-like. Reminding me of my trips to the local park and the duck pond.  Although I never brought any, the ground was always covered with dropped breadcrumbs. I wonder if ducks like breadcrumbs? I suppose they must. . .

Shelly Heiss Designs opened summer this year and is name after its owner and maker, Shelly Heiss, who hails from Illinois, USA.  The shop sells a variety of wonderful mosaic designs, with large paintings-like pieces and jewellery plus a range of notecards and mixed media prints. Looking round Shelly’s shop is like walking round an art gallery or museum. Some of the below works remind of one of my favorite artists: Claude Monet and August Renoir. The garden and landscape pictures below have the same gentle qualities found in thier work. I have always had a thing for mosaics (and secretly would like to try one day).  To me it’s like a jigsaw puzzle (and I love those, the bigger the better), which explains I think why I like mosaics, hundreds of little pieces to be fitted together. It does not look like much untill you finish and stand back.  And then well, it all comes together and makes it worth while.  For a grand ending to the Christmas series of shops , go and have a look at Shelly’s shop and perhaps you will find the perfect work of art for that blank spot on your wall.

When looking at artists and their work, I always end up thinking about where they got the inspiration, what part did they liked best, what led them to their art and so on.  As I am painting silk I think of the colours, deciding which to use, balancing dark with light and loving the way they spread across the fabric. I’ve decided to ask each of the featured shops the same six questions.  I am really excited to see the answers; some may be similar whilst others may vary enormously. Everyone has their own way of working and viewing their art, so the answers should be very interesting. Let’s see what Shelly says!


Interview with Shelly

Stained glass mosaic, iris, Monet, floral mosaic, garden

What led you to using stained glass and creating mosaics?

My parents made a Tiffany style lamp from a kit when I was young. Years later I ordered a stained glass supply catalog with the intention of buying a project kit for my father for Christmas. The catalog inspired me to try my hand at mosaics.





Door County, Wisconsin, stained glass mosaic, Peninsula State Park, landscape art, Door County

What is your favourite part or what do you like best about your art or process?

I enjoy every step of the creative process. There is this constant anticipation that I feel while I am choosing the colors, shapes, patterns, composition, all the while not knowing how it is really going to look until it is grouted. A successful mosaic is one that looks unified, cohesive, and beautiful after it is grouted! I think the greatest reward is when I am pleased with the results.


Stained glass pendant, mosaic heart, heart pendant, necklace, gift for her, handmade, sunflower, blue, yellow



My parents were extremely creative and talented and were my greatest inspiration. The birds and flowers in my work are a sort of tribute to my mother because she always loved both. My parents are no longer living but they are always with me when I am creating art.




Mosaic art, stained glass, Door County art, Wisconsin art, wildflowers, flowers


Do you ever have music on when you work? (I like this question because I always do, in fact I can’t work without it).

I usually turn my satellite radio on to the 70’s music channel when I working in my studio. But to be honest, I don’t really pay much attention to what is going on around me because I am enjoying what I am doing so immensely!


Do you have a favourite product in your shop?

My favorite mosaic is “Merlot”. It was one of my earliest pieces and I was very pleased with it. I met and photographed that macaw at a resort hotel in Florida. He could say his name, Merlot, and he was able to say a few other things, such as “Whassup?” He was a beautiful bird!

Stained glass mosaic, owl, wall art, bird art

And finally what would be your “dream” Christmas gift to receive? 

Spending time with my family is the greatest gift any time of year.

Thank you ShellyHeissDesigns!

Don’t forget to check out the shop!


I could not find the “Merlot” Shelly mentions, so I chose that wise looking owl instead. I once saw a bird just like him.

I think that’s my favourite thing about Christmas, spending time with your family. I love giving out my gifts and watching as they open them.

A big thank you to Shelly for taking the time to answer all my questions! I have also set up a Pinterest board for all the featured images. You can see it by following my Pinterest link at the top of the page.

That’s the end of this series. It’s flown by so fast! I’ve had a great time discovering lots of wonderful shops and reading their answers to my questions.Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be back in the New Year with a brand new series. – I’ll be writing a short post tomorrow about my plans for the blog  – Check back then!

Have a creative day!




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