“Tower Purple” and “Forest Green”

Time for another scarf post.

This is still a catch up article. One more till I’ve got through all the scarves in the shop.

When I design a pattern, like the one seen in these, I usually plan a set of three colour ways. I don’t know why but I like working on odd numbers. The narratives that go with them also fit well into three. Every story had a beginning middle and end after all. Each scarf is a limited edition and I only make five of them. It can get a little complicated and I have to keep careful track which number I’m on. I do sign and number each scarf so that helps.

This time I want to introduce you too these two floral scarves.

"Tower Purple" 90x90cm Hand Painted Silk Scarf

“Tower Purple” 90x90cm Hand Painted Silk Scarf



“She sits by the window watching the horizon. Sun and moon pass by outside. Waiting. A maid is she, dreaming of an adventurer clad in green. Tears and poetry. It’s part of the scene. A wistful sigh and a longing glance, stitching with patience her hours by.”



"Tower Green" 90x90cm Handpainted Silk Scarf.

“Tower Green” 90x90cm
Handpainted Silk Scarf.


“Running through the forest. Duck and scramble. Across the bridge. Over the river. Arrows fly overhead. Money bags clutched in hands. Angry shouts from behind. It’s all a cheerful game. He’s a legend far beyond his time. Robbing and stealing. Charity is his purpose. All in a day’s work.”



This design has a floral centre and if surrounded by arches. A tapestry of colours which talk of the vibrant forests from hundreds of years ago and the architecture of medieval abbeys and churches. The green in the second one reminded my of forests. So I had medieval and forest. Well the next step came naturally. Inspired by one of England’s best loved tales, one that I’d had read to me as a child. A legend that inspired dozens of stories and a line-up of actors each hoping to give him their own stamp. Yet out of all of these (fitting as it should be for a legend) the spoof was best.As for the third, well who else but Mr Hood’s enemy: the sheriff . . . . and red and black for colours.

"Forest Green" Detail

“Forest Green” Detail

"Tower Purple" Detail

“Tower Purple” Detail

Have a creative day!



Images and Text © Maat Silk.

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