12 Shops for Christmas – Shop Seven

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On the seventh day of Christmas I went to see: ClearerImage

Stained glass hummingbird art.Large 3D sun catcher window hanging bird ornament, garden, porch and window hanging decor of cathedral glass

Sweet music fills the air. Soft, like a tiny bell ringing. Almost humming. Travelling along on the  warm air. Flowers stand, sweet and bright. A little bird, fluttering in the air, is caught for an instance. Looking this way. Wonder what’s on his mind? Within a blink of an eye he’s gone. Flowers are calling.

ClearerImage opened summer this year and it’s owner and designer comes from Maryland, USA. The shop sells a variety of objects all made from or using, stained glass. You will find many hanging ornaments, like the bird above, fairies, snowmen, stockings and rabbits, plus a range of home decor, such as mirrors and note trays. Although the Etsy shop is fairly new, Nancy has been making stained glass for over 15 years and selling at craft shows for even longer than that. I love the shimmering colours in all her art and stained glass has always really appealed to me. I remember going for the first time into the Notre Dame in Paris and looking up at the large circle (stained glass) window. I didn’t know then words how to describe my feelings and I still don’t. To put it simply: it was beautiful. Stained glass has a wonderful way with colour. In all the images below the colours are not a pure block but rather many shades of one colour, blending and joining together.  There are so many birds in Nancy’s shop that I had a really hard time choosing just one.  In the end I liked the texture and shade of the green in this one.  I could easily see the above bird, hanging outside my office window, catching the sun’s rays and twirling around slowly as a soft breeze catches it on unawares and although he looks like he might, he will not fly away, well not unless you get a very strong wind and we do . . .  .  I think on the other hand he’d be much better hanging inside.  Safer anyway.  On a Christmas note, Nancy has some lovely festive decorations!

When looking at artists and their work, I always end up thinking about where they got the inspiration, what part did they liked best, what led them to their art and so on.  As I am painting silk I think of the colours, deciding which to use, balancing dark with light and loving the way they spread across the fabric. I’ve decided to ask each of the featured shops the same six questions.  I am really excited to see the answers; some may be similar whilst others may vary enormously. Everyone has their own way of working and viewing their art, so the answers should be very interesting. Let’s see what Nancy says!

Interview with Nancy


Stained glass bunny rabbit sun catcher. Window hanging decoration, babies room decor, baby shower gift, mantle art decoration.


What led you to using stained glass? 

Color led me to using stained glass and it’s reflective quality is what has held my interest. I love the fact that stained glass, when hung in or near a window, can enliven a room with color and light and create a prismatic effect on the walls and ceiling.

I love the transparency, translucency, and reflective qualities of glass, and the fact that it is a solid substance that withstands the test of time.







Vintage stained glass Christmas ornament. Green holiday sun catcher keepsake heirloom window ornament. Stained glass victorian ornament.

What is your favourite part or what do you like best about your art or process?

I think my favorite part is after I’ve done a design, cut and ground the glass, and soldered it together. It is when it all comes together, and I can see the results of my creation. That is the thing that gives me the most satisfaction.



My inspiration is primarily nature or the natural world around me. My studio is filled with windows and birds fly by or perch on my feeding stations all day long. I am also intrigued by children’s books with classic illustrations, such as Beatrix Potter books.


Stained glass yellow 3D angel, angel suncatcher angel Christmas decoration, suncatcher,angel ornament, window hanging, holiday decoration


Do you ever have music on when you work? (I like this question because I always do, in fact I can’t work without it).

I work both with and without music, depending on my mood on a particular day. I especially like to listen to Annie Lennox and Josh Grobin when working. If I’m feeling particularly energetic, I like to listen to 60’s dance music. I also have two birds, zebra finches, who keep me company in my studio with their cheeps and chirps. They prefer classical music.




Do you have a favourite piece of art in your shop?

My favorite piece was a pansy panel that just sold to a woman who saved an Etsy gift card given to her on Mothers’ Day by her children. I also like to do seahorses because they seem to have a mystical quality about them.

This seahorse will add a little bling to your home.

And finally what would be your “dream” Christmas gift to receive? 

My dream Christmas gift would be another trip. My husband and I toured France for three weeks in August and September and had a wonderful time. I think I want to go to Thailand and Cambodia next. I especially want to experience the temples there.


Thank you ClearerImage

That’s it for the seventh in this series.  Don’t forget to check out the shop!


I love when a design comes together. How often during the process does something look terrible, only to become beautiful in the last moments. Lucky accidents are prone to happen.  I like what Nancy say about different music for different moods. I suppose we all are like that, I know I am. When I work I like mostly musical soundtracks and big broadway orchestras booming overtures out of the speakers. However on those rainy afternoons,  well it’s time for the jazz.

A big thank you to Nancy for taking the time to answer all my questions.  I have also set up a Pinterest board for all the featured images. You can see it by following my Pinterest link at the top of the page.

Please keep reading this series. Check back later this week for the eighth shop for Christmas.

Have a creative day!




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