Shop Aniversary!


Copyrite Ma'at Silk

My Etsy Shop has Been Open One Month Today!

I can barely believe it’s been a whole month. This time a month ago I was sitting staring at the screen, hand poised over the publish shop button and wondering if I should.  It’s that nerve-wracking moment when you waver. Well I did but suddenly I had done and pressed that button. I suppose to other Etsy sellers, one month is hardly any time at all, and it’s not really but I felt it was worth a small post. After the weeks I spent, thinking about it (I’m one of those people who go over and over everything) making stock, designing my banner and logo,  writing up all the listings, well I’m just glad it happened!

Since setting up, it’s been very exciting. Starting my new blog, meting lots of other fantastic sellers, being invited to  join the Handmade By Me Team, being featured myself in blogs. To top it all off, this week my shop was chosen as the team shop of the week!

In other words I’m glad I took that plunge and I look forward in the future to celebrating my one year (fingers crosses) anniversary!

These are the terrific blogs, I’ve been featured in recently.

Cathey with an E:

By Your Hands:

Don’t forget that tomorrow’s Handmade Monday and many sellers are having sales, myself included: FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

Have a creative day!



P.S. The image at the top is part of my new E-Card range. Soon to be live in my shop!


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