12 Shops for Christmas – Shop Two

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On the second day of Christmas I went to see: CreativeTreasuresUK

ARNEMETIA, Blue Bead Embroidered Cuff with Blue Lace Agate, Rivershell and Freshwater Pearls from CreativeTreasuresUK


In my head I see a picture,  of icy streams, snow lying on the ground, winter’s bitter clasp lying heavy on the land, a cold wind blowing through the dark tree tops and then figures out of Viking legends pass by along a forest path. We can all look at something and see it completely differently and when I look at this I see glimpse of a bygone age. Perhaps it sounds a little strange, but then I did spend years reading history books, so that may account for that. Trying to choose a favourite item is always hard but it seemed doubly so with this shop. Everywhere I turned, I found something that just had to be my favorite. I finally settled on this Embroidered cuff, because of the  colours (I always go for matching colours) , the pattern and lastly, well to be honest, it was the pearls.

The pattern is swirling, almost like pebbles in a steam.  Different shades of blue working with each other, blending in harmony. Hundreds, if not thousands of tiny beads intricately worked, making my eyes stare and then hurt as I imagined the hours and hours spent in the making. In all of Teresa’s work, beads, colours, intricate designs and time fuse together into wearable works of art.

CreativeTreasuresUK opened in early 2012 and it owner and designer Teresa, lives in, one the many historically rich areas of England, Norwich.  Well known for its Roman and Anglo-Saxon history.  The shop sells a wide variety of handmade, one of a kind, jewellery. Ranging from small and dainty earrings to detailed and complicated cuffs and necklaces. As well as creating beautiful items with seeds beads , Teresa also uses  polymer clay  to create a series of pendants as well as compact mirrors and pill boxes.  I know several female member of my family who would love to have any of the pieces in Teresa’s shop. It’s a pity I’ve already bought them presents. . . .however, there is always next year.

When looking at artists and their work, I always end up thinking about where they got the inspiration, what part did they liked best, what led them to their art and so on.  As I am painting silk I think of the colours, deciding which to use, balancing dark with light and loving the way they spread across the fabric. I’ve decided to ask each of the featured shops the same six questions.  I am really excited to see the answers; some may be similar whilst others may vary enormously. Everyone has their own way of working and viewing their art, so the answers should be very interesting. Let’s see what Teresa says!

(Note: if some of you think you’ve read the above bit before, it’s because I’ve cut and pasted it from Tuesdays post. I’m going to keep doing that for the next few posts, just to explain to new readers what the interview is all about. I might end up putting it in all but I am at this moment unsure. We’ll see.)


Interview with Teresa

Purple Star Flower Earrings with Pearl and Crystal from CreativeTreasuresUK

What led you to beads and making jewellery? 

It’s quite a funny story. My partner started making jewellery, just a couple of kits and a mini tool-kit from ebay to see if he could do it. I decided to keep out of it, as it was his baby, and I didn’t want to take it over, as I sometimes do. But as time went by the half-used kit was sitting there looking at me. Now, I’ve worked in electronics, and was very used to making loops out of solid core copper wire, so I had a go. Ummm…the rest is history.

Purple Polymer Clay Art Pendant from CreativeTreasuresUK



What is your favourite part or what do you like best about your art or process?

I love it when an idea on a piece of notepaper (usually thrown down during a sleepless night) grows and develops into a full design, and then the finished piece.



Bronzed Earth, a Bead Embroidered Pendant Necklace with Picasso Jasper from CreativeTreasuresUK


My inspiration comes from nature and the environment, I love the colours of the seasons, the textures and feel of my surroundings. Also my inspiration comes from ancient British tribal history, the pre-roman, bronze-age era especially. It’s a fascinating time, a completely different world of belief and culture that we only now partly understand.




Turquoise Swarovsky Crystal Rivoli Flower Pendant Necklace with Glass Pearls, Twin Beads and Seed Beads from CreativeTreasuresUK


Do you ever have music on when you work? (I like this question because I always do, in fact I can’t work without it). 

Always. Mostly local radio, but at times when I am finding certain aspects of a design difficult, I like to play Enigma, Cross of Changes album. Ok its old, but it has a spiritual feel that captures the essence of what I’m trying to achieve in my jewellery. It seems to drag something out from the depths of my soul to add to my work.





Do you have a favourite piece of art in your shop?

Iceni, my bead embroidered necklace, for all the above reasons. I really feel it captures that time really well.

ICENI, A Bead Embroidered Collar from CreativeTreasuresUK


And finally, what would be your “dream” Christmas gift to receive?

A long-lost rich uncle to build me a lovely studio so I can stop tripping over things in the bedroom. Apart from that, I love music, so any musical gift is always appreciated.

Thank you Teresa from CreativeTreasuresUK

That’s it for the second in this series.  Don’t forget to check out the shop!


I love how Teresa talks about her finding inspiration in history. I find I get similar inspiration from Ancient  Egypt, Crete and Celtic designs and at some point want to do some scarf sets based on those.  Even through these ancient cultures have died out, their art is still as vibrant and alive as ever. I always feel, it’s as timeless as the hills.  Writing down notes on a sleepless night? I’ve certainly done that. It’s funny that  many really good ideas seem to creep up and get you, especially when you are trying to do something else, like sleeping.

A big thank you to Teresa for taking the time to answer all my questions.  I have also set up a Pinterest board for all the featured images.

Please keep reading this series. Check back next week for the third “Shop for Christmas”.

Have a creative day!




2 thoughts on “12 Shops for Christmas – Shop Two

  1. Teresa says:

    Thank you so much for this article. How apt that you should choose Arnemetia for the featured piece. I have pictures of the work in progress on my shops ‘about’ page too.

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